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General Assembly Launch / Assemblée Général de Lancement

e General Lancement

Launching the Social Forum 26-27th January 2013
Lancement du Forum Social le 26-27 janvier 2013

 Chers amis et amies,

 Vous êtes cordialement invités à l’assemblée générale de lancement du Forum Social Canada-Québec-Peuples Autochtones. Cette assemblée se tiendra le 26 et 27 janvier 2013 à Ottawa, University of Ottawa, 120 University, Faculty of Social Sciences building, Room FSS- 2005.


 Le but de cette rencontre est de mettre en place les structures de ce forum social et permettre d’engager la discussion quant aux thèmes qui y seront abordés, son déroulement, ainsi que la date et le lieu.

Voici l’ordre du jour que nous vous proposons :


Si vous avez des suggestions ou des commentaires, n’hésitez pas à les faire parvenir aux personnes

 ressources suivantes :Roger Rashi email:  o Raul Burbano email:

Dear Friends

You are cordially invite you to attend the General Assembly launching the Peoples’ Social Forum. That General assembly will take place in Ottawa on January 26th and 27th 2013 

The new location is the University of Ottawa, 120 University, Faculty of Social Sciences building, Room FSS- 2005.


The purpose of the assembly is to officially launch the social forum and set-up the structure of the forum and hold the initial discussions on the themes, process, date and place of the Peoples Social Forum.

The conference is free and open to all interested parties. We expect to have 50-60 organizations/individuals present from across Canada including a strong representation from Indigenous groups, indie media, labour and youth.




Saturday January 26th 2013

10am:       The political context in Canada: different initiatives proposing a common fight against the right and neoliberalism

10:30am:  What is a social forum and how does it function? How can it promote collaboration between social movements from Canada, Quebec and Indigenous Peoples? Role and function of the Social Movement Assembly in a Social Forum

12pm lunch break

1:30pm     The Canada-Quebec-Indigenous Peoples' Social Forum

              -what are some of the main issues: address by the founders of IDLE NO MORE

               - what regional and cross-Canada processes to lead up to a SF                   - Timing: what criteria in order to decide when a Forum is held                    - Venue: what criteria in order to decide upon a venue

                   - What kind of Forum: decentralized, centralized in one location ?

                        - Key structures to set-up: secretariat, program cttee, communications cttee, logistics and finance cttee,


4:30pm       End of first session

 6:00 pm    Reception: place to be advised


 Sunday January 27th 2013

9:30am:      Social Movements assembly: coalition and common action proposals (coalition and common action proposals , Common Causes, etc…)


12pm:         Lunch break

1:30pm    Setting up the basic structures of the SF: secretariat, program cttee, communications cttee, logistics and finance, etc..

 3:30pm    End of second session           


 If you are interested in attending please RSVP: Roger Rashi    or Raul Burbano   before January 18th 2013.

University of Ottawa, 120 University